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Im so sick of all these “29 things to do your last semester” and 27 of them having to do with drinking. They all basically say the only way to prove to everyone that you are fun is to drink till you can’t remember. I mean I like drinking as much as the next person, but I’m just so over the idea that you have to poison yourself to be cool. I’m so over being cool. I’m so over college and the bullshit. I’m sorry I can’t make friends easily. I’m sorry that I don’t do well in large crowds and that talking to strangers makes me anxious. I’m sorry I don’t dress slutty and go to bars to hook up with ppl that I regret in the morning. I’m sick of all of it.



MRI scan of a human subject from the cranium to the feet.


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<3 dream body!

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hi whats your major

Human biology :)

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